Original Big Wheel: Still The Best

For today’s younger generation, the original big wheel may be something they have never heard about. Nevertheless, the sixties and the seventies babies are very much in the know about the original big wheel, a tricycle introduced by a man named Louis Marx back in 1969. Before that, the only tricycles around had three wheels. They also came in practically one size. Louis Marx had other things in mind when he presented a tricycle quite different from what was already out in the market.

Orignal Big WheelOne of the features of the original big wheel type of tricycle that made it strikingly different was its front wheel, which was a lot larger than the two other wheels. Another notable difference was the two wheels at the back, which were made very much smaller compared to the rear wheels of the standard tricycle. The result was a seat a lot lower than what a regular trike had. This brand new tricycle became a big hit not only with the kids but with the parents as well. This was because the original big wheel trike certainly looked pretty amazing, what with its unique features of the big wheel in front, the smaller wheels at the back, and its lowered seat. The kids definitely thought the tricycle was cool. And because the new tricycle featured a low ride, there was a sense of going at a much higher speed, an added bonus kids went crazy about. Parents did not have second thoughts about it because it was also extremely safe.

Today’s generation can now enjoy the original big wheel as it makes a comeback, this time with more exciting models and added features that make them more exciting than ever before. For instance, “My First Original 9” Big Wheel for Boys” will surely capture the hearts of little boys anywhere, and can be used either indoors or outdoors for great riding fun. The seat of this trike has a contoured design that makes it especially comfortable. Additionally, to assemble it is pretty easy; parents will not have a problem of putting it together with the help of the little ones. Another one that brings back memories is the “Original Big Wheel with Hand Brake.” With this model, a handbrake is included, along with fun stickers to add on. Once again, Big Wheel has made it a breeze to assemble. A big benefit is that kids are raring to have fun on the trike – and get great exercise at the same time.

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The Exciting Radio Flyer Big Wheel

For parents who are considering getting a tricycle for their child but are unsure as to whether or not he can handle one so early, the Radio Flyer Big Wheel may be the answer. Radio Flyer has earned its reputation most probably because of the very popular Red Flyer Wagon. The Radio Flyer Company has also been developing bikes for a good number of years. Antonio Pasin, an immigrant from Venice, was founder of this famous company back in 1917, and his primary goal was making children happy, playing with the safest and most durable toys. Today, the company lives up to its founder’s philosophy and continues to create the same kind of toys that have made so many children happy throughout the years.

Radio Flyer Big WheelOriginally, the Radio Flyer bicycles were characterized by their bright colors, the streamers on the handlebars, and the tiny chrome bell letting parents have an idea as to where their children were at any time. The tricycle has been a favorite model of many parents throughout the years. The biggest benefit of acquiring Big Wheels is that their center of gravity is much lower, and they sit a lot lower on the ground compared to other tricycles. This means that parents can feel a lot more secure with regards to the safety of their children. The Radio Flyer Big Wheel is a useful toy that promotes physical activity among children. Riding one involves a good amount of pedaling that is able to give the larger muscle groups a good workout and stimulates a child’s motor skills. Additionally, the child has a sense of independence riding on a Radio Flyer Big Wheel since he does not need any help from his parents for either pushing or pulling as he rides.

The Radio Flyer Big Wheel comes with special features that give it a highly stylish look, such as its handlebars that are styled like a chopper’s and manufactured from chrome. Its molded handgrips are also great for grip protection. It has a large front wheel measuring 16”, together with a grip tread for high performance. The tires on its rear are made extra wide so that stability as well as safety is ensured. There are 3 adjustable settings on the seat, something that can be very helpful with various leg lengths. Finally, the fact that kids can have hours of enjoyable physical activity that helps them stay healthy is a great reason why this toy should be every parent’s choice.

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Huffy Green Machine – The Healthy Toy

Very much unlike the old days where a child’s idea of recreation would be playing outdoors with friends, today has seen a lot of changes in the way children look for ways to be entertained during their free time. Nowadays, they are more inclined to stay glued to the television set or play computer games, which means hours of sitting around with hardly any physical exercise. A lot of parents who have experienced the true joy of physical activity during their childhood years are starting to be a little bit concerned about this new trend. While it may seem harmless for a while, it certainly cannot be healthy not to be able to work those muscles up regularly, something that children need to develop properly. There are several factors involved in the way children perceive fun to be, from the latest technological innovations, to the busy schedule of parents who are not able to take much time off and monitor what their children do. This is not however a hopeless situation. When thinking about the perfect gift to give a child, it may be time to consider healthier toys. This is exactly what the Huffy Green Machine is all about.

Huffy Green MachineThe Huffy Green Machine is very much like the more traditional big wheel bicycles that most adults are used to, bikes that have a large wheel in the front side, and two smaller ones on the rear. The Huffy Green Machine comes in a much brighter color, moves a lot faster, is tougher, and provides kids of any age with the excitement they are looking for. It has pedals just as a bike does except that the machine’s seat has adjustable fittings to accommodate various sizes, and is capable of expanding to accommodate the different sizes of kids who use them. Its handles are able to move as with the pedals, but unlike the usual two-wheeled bicycles that everyone is accustomed to, these handles move back and forth allowing for more movement on the upper body.

With more childhood diseases such as obesity and diabetes becoming commonplace, it is apparent that physical idleness plays a huge role in the problem. Children, no matter what age they are, have to be a lot more active in order to stay healthy. Being exposed to regular physical activity is an important step in a child’s healthy development and prevents chronic diseases from setting in, even as he/she matures into adulthood. By gifting a child with a Huffy Green Machine, he will be provided with an opportunity to start expending his energy in a more productive way, and have fun while he is at it. This can also help him to better understand why it is better to be physically active, and boost his willingness to indulge in more activities of this sort throughout his growing years.

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American-Retro Classic Pedal Fire Truck

Back in the 1940’s and 50’s, children enjoyed riding one of the ‘sad face’ pedal cars that were available at that time. They were so called because the front end resembled the 1949 Oldsmobile, Packard or Buick that looked like an up-side-down smile. Now American-Retro has made, in addition to their popular pedal cars, the Classic pedal fire truck in a similar design.

The manufacturer has its headquartered in Dinuba, California. They make a variety of high quality toys, all built for the rugged play of children. American-Retro puts all their products through a rigorous testing procedure to be sure they meet and exceed the highest government standards for safety. That quality means injury-free kids and product endurance for you.

American-Retro Classic Pedal Fire TruckConsistent with these high quality construction standards, American-Retro has made this fire truck to last. The chrome-trimmed windshield, chrome steering wheel, chrome hubcaps, and chrome hood ornament all add to its durability and beauty. The thirty-six inch long body is made of heavy gauge steel similar to those that were created for parents and grandparents in their day. The eight-inch wheels run on ball bearings so that they will last indefinitely. The fire trucks are finished with 5/8-inch rubber tires.

Some pedal cars have been found to contain lead paint but not American-Retro pedal cars and trucks. The bright red finish is both safe and attractive, with white graphics. The pedal system runs a drive rod to the rear wheels. This too uses ball bearings to reduce or eliminate friction. Of course the truck does have a size limit but most six year olds will still fit in the drivers’ seat.

This American-Retro fire truck comes with a chrome flashing red light on the hood much like the real fire trucks that whiz by. The chrome bell is rung by the driver as he/she pulls a string. The solid wooden ladders also can be removed.

The American-Retro Fire Truck is certainly designed to last. You will probably still be using it through two or three children and then pass it on to others or store it for future grandchildren. It is that enduring.

Parents are purchasing these fire trucks so that their youngsters can also imagine themselves as the heroes of the community. Grandparents too purchase them to provide a fun and safe toy for grandkids to enjoy when they visit. Some just purchase the American-Retro Fire Truck because they want to remember the fun they had as kids. No matter why you purchase this fire truck, be assured that you will thrill any younger when you present him or her with this beautiful, safe, and lasting toy.

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InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car

Age has no limit when it comes to the thrill of hearing a siren squealing and seeing a fire truck race by! Children from an early age view those firefighters as heroes and imagine themselves as the ones hastening to help in the emergency. Now, thanks to InStep, children can have their very own miniature fire truck to make their heroic rescues even more realistic!

Similar in design to the pedal cars of the 1950’s, this InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car will bring back memories to parents and grandparents as it plows new furrows of joy in the minds of their children.

The Fire Truck is built with several features that assure its durability. It contains solid steel construction and a strong, rod-driven rear wheel pedal system. The steering wheel is chrome plated and really works, and the removable wooden ladders (held by chrome mounts) add to its authenticity. The hood bell rings when the driver pulls a string attached to the steering wheel.

Instep Pedal Fire TruckThe fire truck is manufactured by InStep, a leading name in safe and durable children’s toys and accessories. InStep is a subsidiary of Dorel, a $2 billion company with forty-six hundred employees, facilities in seventeen countries, and sales worldwide. The company also manufactures such things as jogging strollers and bicycle trailers. Schwinn, for decades a household name in bicycle manufacturing, is also a subsidiary of Dorel. Their products are all built of the finest quality materials and are sure to last for years.

The InStep Fire Truck also includes a small storage area behind the seat and rubber tires with chrome hubcaps. It is recommended for children ages three and up with a 70-pound weight limit. The fire truck features an adjustable pedal drive so that it will continue to fit children as they grow. Some assembly is required but, from box to finish, it is a snap with the easy directions and basic tools.

The InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car is purchased by parents who want a durable, safe toy for their youngsters as well as by grandparents who buy it so the grandkids will coax their parents to come for a visit. Others just want one as a collector’s item or for the nostalgia of remembering their own pedal car when they were growing up. Young and old alike choose the InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car as a great investment.

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