The Exciting Radio Flyer Big Wheel

For parents who are considering getting a tricycle for their child but are unsure as to whether or not he can handle one so early, the Radio Flyer Big Wheel may be the answer. Radio Flyer has earned its reputation most probably because of the very popular Red Flyer Wagon. The Radio Flyer Company has also been developing bikes for a good number of years. Antonio Pasin, an immigrant from Venice, was founder of this famous company back in 1917, and his primary goal was making children happy, playing with the safest and most durable toys. Today, the company lives up to its founder’s philosophy and continues to create the same kind of toys that have made so many children happy throughout the years.

Radio Flyer Big WheelOriginally, the Radio Flyer bicycles were characterized by their bright colors, the streamers on the handlebars, and the tiny chrome bell letting parents have an idea as to where their children were at any time. The tricycle has been a favorite model of many parents throughout the years. The biggest benefit of acquiring Big Wheels is that their center of gravity is much lower, and they sit a lot lower on the ground compared to other tricycles. This means that parents can feel a lot more secure with regards to the safety of their children. The Radio Flyer Big Wheel is a useful toy that promotes physical activity among children. Riding one involves a good amount of pedaling that is able to give the larger muscle groups a good workout and stimulates a child’s motor skills. Additionally, the child has a sense of independence riding on a Radio Flyer Big Wheel since he does not need any help from his parents for either pushing or pulling as he rides.

The Radio Flyer Big Wheel comes with special features that give it a highly stylish look, such as its handlebars that are styled like a chopper’s and manufactured from chrome. Its molded handgrips are also great for grip protection. It has a large front wheel measuring 16”, together with a grip tread for high performance. The tires on its rear are made extra wide so that stability as well as safety is ensured. There are 3 adjustable settings on the seat, something that can be very helpful with various leg lengths. Finally, the fact that kids can have hours of enjoyable physical activity that helps them stay healthy is a great reason why this toy should be every parent’s choice.

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