The Thrilling Razor Rip Rider

What would be the best present you could give a child that you know will be really appreciated and always played with? Something that is as high-tech as it can be since today’s kids enjoy toys like these. And when you talk about the coolest toys that any kid would love to own, what can easily come to mind is the Big Wheel Razor Rip Rider. Big Wheel has been around since the sixties, and parents of the current generation will always remember how much fun they had with those amazing ride-on toys created by the company. The big front wheel with those small rear wheels, along with the low-seat feature provided so many hours of play that it is not easy to forget. After the first big wheels made their debut in the sixties, the company has been creating much newer designs each year since then, providing extra features that have made them even more fun than they ever were. What makes Big Wheel toys even more attractive is the fact that they are great in improving the motor skills of kids. That is surely a big plus for parents everywhere.

Razor Rip Rider The Razor Rip Rider 360 is one Big Wheel product that promises a lot of fun for its young riders because of its very special, brand-new features. Although the Razor Rip Rider is a seventies version of the three wheeler of the same name, the new product features dual caster wheels that are smaller, increasing the drifting and the spinning performance of the toy because of its size. It is also able to enhance speed. Aside from this, it features a steel-framed style that makes it look even more attractive. This ride-on toy is able to support weight reaching 160 pounds, which means that adults can enjoy the ride as well, as long as they are within the weight range of course. There are still a number of great features that make this product very exciting for the young ones. These include the three-piece crank, steel frame, a front wheel that is high-impact, and an MX-designed handlebar.

Manufactured by the well-known producer of ride on toys, Razor, it is expected that the Razor Rip Rider is a top-quality product. Choosing toys for kids means selecting those that are safe and have added benefits that can help in their development. Make a child really happy with this stimulating ride-on toy.

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