Original Big Wheel: Still The Best

For today’s younger generation, the original big wheel may be something they have never heard about. Nevertheless, the sixties and the seventies babies are very much in the know about the original big wheel, a tricycle introduced by a man named Louis Marx back in 1969. Before that, the only tricycles around had three wheels. They also came in practically one size. Louis Marx had other things in mind when he presented a tricycle quite different from what was already out in the market.

Orignal Big WheelOne of the features of the original big wheel type of tricycle that made it strikingly different was its front wheel, which was a lot larger than the two other wheels. Another notable difference was the two wheels at the back, which were made very much smaller compared to the rear wheels of the standard tricycle. The result was a seat a lot lower than what a regular trike had. This brand new tricycle became a big hit not only with the kids but with the parents as well. This was because the original big wheel trike certainly looked pretty amazing, what with its unique features of the big wheel in front, the smaller wheels at the back, and its lowered seat. The kids definitely thought the tricycle was cool. And because the new tricycle featured a low ride, there was a sense of going at a much higher speed, an added bonus kids went crazy about. Parents did not have second thoughts about it because it was also extremely safe.

Today’s generation can now enjoy the original big wheel as it makes a comeback, this time with more exciting models and added features that make them more exciting than ever before. For instance, “My First Original 9” Big Wheel for Boys” will surely capture the hearts of little boys anywhere, and can be used either indoors or outdoors for great riding fun. The seat of this trike has a contoured design that makes it especially comfortable. Additionally, to assemble it is pretty easy; parents will not have a problem of putting it together with the help of the little ones. Another one that brings back memories is the “Original Big Wheel with Hand Brake.” With this model, a handbrake is included, along with fun stickers to add on. Once again, Big Wheel has made it a breeze to assemble. A big benefit is that kids are raring to have fun on the trike – and get great exercise at the same time.

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