American-Retro Classic Pedal Fire Truck

Back in the 1940’s and 50’s, children enjoyed riding one of the ‘sad face’ pedal cars that were available at that time. They were so called because the front end resembled the 1949 Oldsmobile, Packard or Buick that looked like an up-side-down smile. Now American-Retro has made, in addition to their popular pedal cars, the Classic pedal fire truck in a similar design.

The manufacturer has its headquartered in Dinuba, California. They make a variety of high quality toys, all built for the rugged play of children. American-Retro puts all their products through a rigorous testing procedure to be sure they meet and exceed the highest government standards for safety. That quality means injury-free kids and product endurance for you.

American-Retro Classic Pedal Fire TruckConsistent with these high quality construction standards, American-Retro has made this fire truck to last. The chrome-trimmed windshield, chrome steering wheel, chrome hubcaps, and chrome hood ornament all add to its durability and beauty. The thirty-six inch long body is made of heavy gauge steel similar to those that were created for parents and grandparents in their day. The eight-inch wheels run on ball bearings so that they will last indefinitely. The fire trucks are finished with 5/8-inch rubber tires.

Some pedal cars have been found to contain lead paint but not American-Retro pedal cars and trucks. The bright red finish is both safe and attractive, with white graphics. The pedal system runs a drive rod to the rear wheels. This too uses ball bearings to reduce or eliminate friction. Of course the truck does have a size limit but most six year olds will still fit in the drivers’ seat.

This American-Retro fire truck comes with a chrome flashing red light on the hood much like the real fire trucks that whiz by. The chrome bell is rung by the driver as he/she pulls a string. The solid wooden ladders also can be removed.

The American-Retro Fire Truck is certainly designed to last. You will probably still be using it through two or three children and then pass it on to others or store it for future grandchildren. It is that enduring.

Parents are purchasing these fire trucks so that their youngsters can also imagine themselves as the heroes of the community. Grandparents too purchase them to provide a fun and safe toy for grandkids to enjoy when they visit. Some just purchase the American-Retro Fire Truck because they want to remember the fun they had as kids. No matter why you purchase this fire truck, be assured that you will thrill any younger when you present him or her with this beautiful, safe, and lasting toy.

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